Recognizing a good Boston

The Facts about Boston Terriers.

Don’t be fooled by someone selling a RARE Boston Terrier or a Boston of COLOR. The people that do this are breeding these just to make money off of you, BEWARE.

The Boston Terrier COLOR/MARKING/PATTERN are this:

– Brindle & White
– Black & White
– Seal & White

The key to recognizing a good Boston is in the color of the nose and eyes. A Black nose and Dark eyes. These Colors and Patterns are recognized by the AKC and are written in the standard for the breed.

Always check to be sure the parents of the puppies have been Health Tested and some Health testing has been done on the puppies.

Please be careful of anyone selling Rare, Designer, Red, or Boston Terriers of Color.

If you have any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

All of these statements are written by me, Vicki Wilt. These are my opinions based on the facts that are written in the Boston Terrier standard.